B & D Surveying offers full service survey and mapping needs in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, and the adjoining counties. Read more to see what type survey you need.

Boundary Surveysdetermine property lines and define true property corners of a piece of property. A boundary survey also identifies the extent of any easements or encroachments. They may also show state or local regulations that impose limitations on the property.

Property Surveys show boundaries and limitations of a piece of property. When purchasing property, you should ask your attorney and/or lender exactly what type of survey you will need.

In Texas, the 3 most common property surveys are:

  • Title Surveys are used by a title agencies for the sake of insuring a piece of property.
  • Category 1A Surveys - Whether purchasing or refinancing property, you may need a Category 1A Survey. This is a survey that locates important factors impacting boundary locations, ownership, rights of way and easements.

    A Category 1A Survey is different from a regular survey, because it's designed to fulfill the needs of title insurance companies.

    These are most generally requested for commercial or industrial real estate in urban areas.

  • "ALTA" Surveys - ALTA surveys are generally used when the value of a transaction is large. The surveyor will require a Table A when you request the survey.
    • A Table A determines the scope of the project. Your attorney or lender should be able to provide the information needed for this.

Plats are map a piece of land, identifying location and boundaries of streets and other site information. Plat features include things like lot lines, utility easements, setback lines, boundary dimensions, and ownership. Plats are generally used to determine how a piece of property will be developed.